Thursday, 14 December 2006

Starting Hands

Hi all

As you become better at poker you will play by feel and know when to limp when to check raise when to fold etc, but as a beginner it you will be a fish- you will see too many hands and stay with them too long.

This is the way of things with Poker and it is why all new players lose money.

Although I believe most money is made post flop the first and most important leak all new players should fix is there starting hand selection.

Now most poker books will advocate a tight selection, which is fine if you want to be a "weak tight" player. You will make money-just you will never move up and you will never make a lot.

When I first started out I read a lot of books and finally made the following crib sheet for starting hands - I printed it out and referred tit constantly. Tell me what you think.o