Friday, 29 December 2006

Have a seat in the GBPT monthly final on eurobet

came 2nd in the 2nd stage though led all the way and the last 2 places were all in all the way as the prize was the same.

I am very pleased with myself as normally am a limit guy and this was NL.

So now I have a ticket to the final for a seat at the GBPT
1 in 22 people get a seat at the GBPT event in Edinburgh.

see links below for details


Anonymous said...

Very well done Peter - good luck at the next stage! Fishy of me really to push with AK when having position like that but I was pretty card dead and would have been happy with your raise+blinds. Alas wasnt to be - well done and nice blog. See you again some time. EuroBetGuy

Peter said...

Thanks EurobetGuy,

You played well, and were very unlucky.

I was really made after getting AA early onand knocking out the first guy.
I had the chips to take chances and bullied quite a but.

You just looked me up at the wrong time.

anyway look forward to seeing you again.

Try next Friday.


Peter said...


what an awful tourney played it terribly, lost most of my stack with an 88 beaten by an AA (serves me right. Then an all in preflop with Ak got wiped out by an A9 when 2 nines flopped.

I am just not a NL player still a bit too fishy for that, however I will get better and plan on reading Ed's new book next year when it comes out.