Thursday, 28 December 2006

Last nights results

Hi All

As I had been off line for days I played till the wee hours last night.

I started off playing like a donkey (Too keen to play I guess)and dropped about 70bb, however as you might have guessed I calmed down and won it back with more. below are my results just click on them to get a better view.


razor ramon said...

very very interesting all these stats and stuff, would be nice if you'd post all your session results every time you can !

i also would like to know how you gather all this data, the hands you play, the amount you win, you do it by simply writing it down or do you have any tool that helps you ? thx

Peter said...

Hi Razor

you will find a link here called poker tracker.


excellent tool does far more than you can possible use, though i also reccomend getting PAHUD and look for poker patterns to make the graphs


Anonymous said...

what is PAHUD and poker patterns ? plmk thx :)

Peter said...

Hi Razor

PaHud stands for poker ace heads up display. It basically takes the stats from Poker tracker and places them on the other players in a live game giving u a huge advantage in that yoiu know how they play.

Imhave a link to it on the same page i mentioned above.

Poker patterns is simply a graphing tool that aids in making the graphs, you will have to search for that.


Peter said...

Hi Razor, I have analysed your play in my database, and note that although you rae a loser, you have the makings of a good player.

You play tight, you are patient, but My stats say you lose. get in touch and I will let you know why.


Razor Ramon said...

yeah i play good i think too, but most often i still lose and i just dont know why, if you have any idea, please let me know, cant be bad luck all the time :)

Peter said...

Well here we go

you are playing poker very well, exactly as most book would tell you too.

That is the problem, you are seeing monsters where there are none.

You fold too easily.

I like your starting hand selection though I would review the one in my post earlier as I believe that it is more profitable.

You polay about 25% of hands ( very good) I play about 40% I am an action junkie. Howver my post flop play hides a lot of my preflop leaks.

My first advice will be to read Ed Millers SSHE he mede me in a profitable player over night. I don't make a living but I am currently making between 20 and 50 dollars a night plus rakeback so I am doing alright.

secondly only chat in annoyance when you are not on tilt and my advice would be don't do it at all. These morons at the level we play will call you down with any draw for the joy of beating you if you get annoyed and we get enough bad beats wihtout inviting them, any other questions fire away.


Razor Ramon said...

thx, pretty sure i do this mistake, should more often belive in my hand, or simply get a feeling for the game, like i said the mistake comes from the NL games im pretty sure about that

you said someth. like weak tight player, have to look that up

not sure about the chatting thing :) you mean if im on tilt i shouldnt chat ? because it may influence the others in a way not good for me ? well i think i dont play tilting even it sounds like that in the chat, im in control all the time, learned that from losing 50 $ at once in NL games where i was really playing on tilt !!!! im cool all the time and just angry for a split second :))) just made the anoy. chat a ritual and hope to influence others on the table, just when i type *HAHAHAHAHAH* idiot, loser loser loser .... i just think that i can catch some emotions of the other players and make them play in a way they dont want, make them hate me and make them try to beat me ! thats when they will lose !!!!!!

your right saying i should stop the F-word typing, cause that may make the others think exact the other way, they may think i want to beat them being frustrated ....... well thats high psychology :)

will buy the book soon, and think about making my own poker site with daily results and stats *hehe* or at least weekly results, should keep me motivated, at least your blog and your result graphs do !!!!! :))))

Razor Ramon said...

at a second thought i think i just dont fold that early all the time, if i keep watching the rounds i may have won bout 10 % of the rounds i folded postflop, just a feeling, not really sure about the percentage

i just may loose a lot of rounds folding preflop, but if i fold a 4 6 and the table shows 3 A 5 7 7 .... well .... still a good preflop fold, cause you win these startinghands maybe 2 out of 100 rounds

Razor Ramon said...

btw. i m off to a trip to the worlds greatest poker county ..... called sweden, at least they say they are the best players :) lets see what they are really able to do at the table :) so you wont get a reply within the next days :)

Peter said...

Hi Razor
Enjoy Sweden.

By the way I am not advocating being a calling station, what I don't think I made clear was, you are tight (that is good) you are aggressive that is good, however I think you are not aggressive enough wih your draws, you are playing great ABC Poker.

I will leave you with these thoughts and remind you to read SSHE.

when the pot is small give it up more easily.

When the pot is big do everything you can to win it which means protecting your draws as well as your made hands.
A draw has pot equity and in a big pot push that edge.

You are getting outdrawn a lot as we all do so make people pay more for drawing against you, there are so many in the pot that they are often playing correct poker to make that draw (not on purpose may I add).
Use raises and check raises whenever the pot is worth having and you have either a made hand a decent hand with good draws or a good draw.

Anyone who is watching should worry about entering a pot with you.

REMEMBER next time you call with the odds - RAISE instead.

An example

You have KQ suited and get a four flush. Most people would call hoping that if they hit they will get paid- Raise as if it is made both for value (you have pot equity) for semi bluff (keeps observant opponents guessing) and to protect your draw ( get other Kings and Queens to fold) as you may miss your flush and hit an overcard) if K comes and you got AK to fold you are laughing.