Thursday, 21 December 2006

Results and being watched

Having had a post From Ed Miller on my site I have been inspired to keep the blog up to date.

So First as promised here are todays results.

The circumstances of my Thursday game is normally that I play with an audience, in that my Fatherin Law watches me, He doesn't play himself but he loves to watch me play and finds it amazing how much I win.

This actually helps my game because I have to explain my thinking out loud, He thinks I am up by way more than I am most of the time and even thinks I'm winning when I'm losing and I bring him down to earth.

However it is impossible to gon on tilt when you explain to someone else out loud that bad beats are good as they "feed the fish" and just move on.

He still doesn't get that but I find I play well with him watching and lose normally, but I play well and that is what matters.

Anyway less ranting here are my results as promised. As you can see nothing to write home about but a not bad bb/Hour

p.s. if anyone knows how to get this info out of PT as text let me know I have done a screen dump.

Now I would be interested in anyone elses experience of being watched while playing, does it help-do you get too tight etc?


Peter said...

played a bit more after my father in law left

updated results below hopefully in a better format

Session Summary:

Date: 12/21/2006
Game Level: All Levels
Total Sessions:15
Standard Deviation/Hour:$7.4403 -- 24.8012 Big Bets
Total Hands:296
Standard Deviation/100 Hands: $10.4490 -- 34.8301 Big Bets
Hours Played:6.77
Vol. Put $ In Pot %:41.22
Pre-flop Raise %: 6.76
Showdown Win %:46.27
Avg. Hrs./Sess:0.45(
Longest Session: 1.33 Hours -- Shortest Session: 0.05 Hours)
Total Won:$9.80
(WR/HR: $1.45 -- Big Bets/Hr.: 4.83)
(WR/100: $3.31 --
Big Bets/100: 11.04)