Friday, 12 January 2007

Loose and Lose

One of my pet hates is people using the word loose when they mean lose, such as "I always Loose".

You see it all the time especially in the comments box online playing poker.

So if anyone knows whether this is an Americanisation of the spelling could they let me know.

It is quite funny though when you consider the different meanings but what the outcome of being loose is.

Loose players lose.

But just to make it clear to anyone reading this.
Loose is the opposite of tight
Lose is the opposite of Win

You do not loose a bet a hand or anything else you lose it

Rant over see you at the tables.



JJS said...

Peter - "loose" is not an "americanization" or anything like that. The two words mean exactly the same thing here as they do in the UK. It's just that people confuse the spellings of the two.

BTW, another thing along those same lines, and which unfortunately you are yourself guilty of (in your "When to Bet" post) is when people write "wreckless" when they mean "reckless". Wreckless is not even in the dictionary. I'm not trying to needle you or anything like that, but this is actually a pet peeve of mine... :)

Peter said...

Thanks for that.

I guess I got it mixed up with wreck as in shipwreck