Thursday, 25 January 2007

Bet £50 you'll watch this.

did anyone watch this last night?

I just found the Phill Helmuth part (PokerBrat) hilarious.

After claiming that he could "see into your soul" he laid the proposition bet that if the presenter could tell him 5 lies and 5 truths he could tell which was which.

Well the presenter took the bet and afterwards said how spooky it was how well Phil did.

Yes he got 5 right out of 10. That is what you would expect someone with no skill to get by just guessing it is what you would expect to get when guessing a coin flip.

So to get this right he cannot "see into your soul", he is just a good poker player who has also had some luck.

The lesson to be learnt here is that luck evens out in the long run and we all get our fair share, just some of people get it during the big payouts and become poker celebrities. However realise that winning in the long run is skill and in the short run (all tourneys) requires some luck and skill.

This will help you remain humble as humility is very important, in life as well as poker.

well just my tuppence worth, I think he made a fool of himself.



Anonymous said...

so Phil won 10 WSOP events by being "lucky"?

Peter said...

if you had read my comment it said

" he is just a good poker player who has also had some luck."

you need to be good and lucky to win.

you cannot win with just one. The best players remember this and stay humble


BrasilStu said...

Hey PeterL. Can you tell me what program you saw this on.


Peter said...

Hi the program was called

"bet £50 you'll watch this"