Thursday, 1 March 2007

Second Live Game

Played again on Tuesday night but been too busy to blog about it.

field of 40 people and I came second.

The guy who came first never saw a bet he couldn't call.
He kept catching cards though and put everyone else on tilt.

This allowed me to cruise into second place and finally got knocked out with a KQ all in, called by an A10.

I have generally found the standard of live play to be lower than online and so will have a few more punts at this.


razor ramon said...

sorry for spamming but i have to share this :)

i have just had my 3rd royal flush in 2 weeks !!! this is soo sick !!! i now have a total of 4 royal flushes (in 6 months) and 3 of them the past 2 weeks LOL

too bad i folded the one i had at pokerroom preflop with holding the king of hearts, so i guess there wont be a bonus available for me, so by folding i won nothing with it

the other one i had at bodog, diamonds royal flush, too bad they do not offer any bonus :( also i won nothing with it since it happened in a tourney

and just some minutes ago i have had a spades royal flush with holding A K at PKR, i hope at least they offer some kind of bonus :( since party gives you 100 $ i think or it was titan and at pokerroom you get also something i think, at least i got this royal flush in a NL cash game and i got a all in call at the river, nethertheless i made just 10 $ but better than nothing :)

its soo funny, nobody belives me, everybody says it is totally against all odds LOL, so they have seen one but never had one, most people dont have one in their whole life and i should go buy some lotto tickets LOL

just wanted to share this, 3 royal flush within 2 weeks :)

razor ramon said...

sorry im not able to reply in the chat at the poker table since they disabled my chat :( for reasons unknown *hehe* :(((