Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Swear i am getting worse

Hi guys,

haven't been playing micro limit in ages, basically i made the mistake of playing tournaments and had a few big wins.

The mistake i am making is that i have moved away from the fish.

I would love any opinions on this as i have recently been evaluating my game and my approach,
basically i used to make a steady though small income playing against minnows and then i did as all half decent players do and attempted to go for the big money.
For me this meant tournaments and an early 600 and 2000 win made me a bit big headed.

however i believe the web has had a Darwinian affect on players, in that the strongest have survived, live games are still very soft and i do well (very well in live tournaments) however in online tournaments i usually go out just below the top 10% because basically a lot of good players are there and you won't make more than your lucks worth from a good player.

so i think i have learnt my lesson and will be playing again amongst the minnows making a steady stream of low level cash, though i do believe my micro limit game again needs some work as i have changed styles a lot with playing so many tourneys.

I would however recommend tournamentindicator to anyone who does want to play tournaments.

anyway expect to hear lots from me on the subject of micro limit as I will again be playing with avengance and probably starting off with losses as i did in the very beginning of my less than prestigious career.


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Dominic said...

The micro stakes can be easy to want to step away from. lol

I've just started a bankroll builing challenge where I roll $50 into $5000.

I thought I'd try it after reading about Chris Ferguson in that poker player magazine.

A big fat bottle of champagne is waiting for me when I'm done.

Well so far so good, I'll be posting about it if you want to see how I'm getting on.

Follow My Bankroll Building Challenge.

Good luck with your poker


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