Monday, 26 February 2007

First Live Game

Hey I played live for the first time.

I had heard there was a sunday game at 3 o clock in Glasgow Merchant city with a £22 buyin so I went along to give it a go.

well I came 5th out of 22 not brilliant but respectable for a first live game. winning £25 for £3 profit.

I then went onto the blackjack and won £40 so a profitable day out and great live experience.

I will hopefully try again in a couple of weeks and let you know how it goes.



razor ramon said...

wow that sounds great, i was only played home live games yet, but no *official* live tourney with higher buyins

btw. can you imagine yourself playing cashgames at a casino ? i mean there you win money from the other players and not from the casino, i cant imagine myself playing and winning there, cause i belive if i win lets say 1000 $ or more from some guy and he really needed the money i could get a lot of trouble with him, or at least i would not feel very well about the situation .... if you know what i mean .

Peter said...

Hi Razor what is the difference between winning live and on the web.
It is far more likely that you are playing someone who cannot afford it on the web.

If you are going to play poker you have to be able to win with a clear conscience or it will affect your decisions.

razor ramon said...

well its not because im sorry for the loser or sum like this, its because if i play a live cashgame and win im a lil afraid that the loser will get me beat me up and hurt me really bad ! just cant belive if i take 1000 $ from someone i just can get away with it without any trouble :(