Monday, 19 February 2007

Sit n Go's

Have spent the last week playing Sit and go's at Party Poker.

Have done these before and never done better than come of even in the long run so I gave them up a long time ago.

But party emailed me saying they were Giving me $15 so I couldn't resist it.

I played an $11 sit and go and won and have been going from there, I am currently at about $180 and hooked.

Really stupid I know as I was making more at the micro limits, however there is something about competition in this form that gives more of an adrelinin boost and is more satisfying.

I can't decide what to play mainly these days though sit'n gos limit cash or tourneys what do you guys prefer and why?


razor ramon said...

hey hey :) nice to read some lines from you again :)

well done going up from 15 to 180 ! espacially at partypoker, people say that there are the worst players, but i dont think so, even at the low limits they are supertight ... at least the times i played

i now stopped playing at the microlimts, for a couple of reasons

first it is really hard work, really hard work i mean and you wate a lot of time there for some cash, and espacially if you lose it takes some time to get back up, also always when i play the tables are tight (what is the best time you think to play there to get in a loose situiation with others ?)

next reason is, fixed microlimit is really boring, its just work, when your cards come, you bet and push, thats it you most often get the pot ... well

and last and most important reason, playing microlimit, you never ever become a better player i think, i realized that i took some steps forward playing slightly higher limit in NL games or sit n go's

these days i really prefer playing NL games, at low blind limits, lets say up to 1 $ but most often 15 cents - 25 cents, you often can limp with speculative hole cards and when you hit you can push, if you got good hole cards you can push from the start, and having the nuts youll get paid way better than in fixed limit games, often they also call a 15 $ or 25 $ all in ... think of how long it takes to make 25 $ at a fixed 30 cents limit game :( you can make that at NL in a couple of seconds, you just have to play tight wait for your hand and the show aggression .... also you can bluff many people if you got balls

sit'n gos are also ok, espacially 10 $ buyin and up, playing lower buyins is not worth the time, maybe if you want to play for fun, but at the 20 $ buyins the 3 place gets rewarded with 40 $ i think representin 20 % of the prizepool, that is 20 $ for about 40 min of play, and also you may win such a tourney and get 100 $ :) ... btw. to reach the 3rd place is often really easy, sometimes you only need to win 1 or 2 hands and you got a stack and then you wait till the others drop out, and only play class 1 hands :) and if your in the money, and you have only a small stack left it is still no problem ... still then everything is possible

playing multitable tourneys is hard work i think, it takes a lot of time and you really have to be a really good player and have a lot of luck, sure the top spots get big money, but its really difficult to get there i think !!

btw. have you tried playing at PKR yet ? its such a great pokergame :) its 3D with your own character :) too bad that there are not really many players there :( but i for example play really good there and make some money, just because i really like to play there !!!!! i stay focused and all that !

Peter said...

Hi Razor,

I like your thinking here but I would temper it with play for your personality and your bankroll.
20 buyins are great if you have a bankroll that can handle a few losses, which we both have.

Also if you like action then multitabling at micrlimits is the place to be as you can play a tight game and still always be in a hand. The Sit n Go's require some patienmce and the ability to sit out for hand after hand.

I would reccomend playing all styles and mixing and matching myself as this gives yiou a rounded game but as I stated in an earlier article always have a home you can return to whether theat is game type or a certain limit.